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Products that help you easily, safely and efficiently handle and store the goods vital to your organization. From simple systems designed as an ideal entry into the world of dynamic storage and retrieval to large scale, customizable systems with multiple levels, we offer the products and solutions you need to save space, time and money.


Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module

  • An enclosed modular vertical lift system that meets a broad range of storage and retrieval applications in manufacturing, distribution, retail and warehouse operations

Element Vertical Lift Module

  • A budget-minded entry solution into the world of dynamic storage and retrieval systems

Megamat RS Vertical Carousel

  • A high-density unit with a compact design that provides economic and safe storage

Horizontal Carousel

  • A carousel designed for fast, reliable and efficient high-speed picking in production or distribution

Power Pick Global

  • Warehouse Management Software designed to increase efficiency by managing storage and retrieval systems

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