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Techniks has  an extensive line of high-quality tool holding products designed and manufactured to ensure enhanced productivity and superior results. Review the options available and choose the line that best meets the needs of your shop. We are confident Techniks offers a Tool Holding line that is right for your operation.


Tool Holding

  • Collet Chucks

  • Collet & Nuts

  • End Mill Holders

Cutting Tools

  • Face Mills

  • End Mills

  • Turning Tools

  • Boring Tools

  • Inserts

Magnetic Workholding

  • Machinists love Techniks MagVISE workholding chucks because they are fast, reliable, and save 50-60% on setup time. Magnetic workholding provides the freedom to machine on all 4-sides and the top of the workpiece, so you can cut more metal faster. Magnetic workholding is used for face milling, edge milling, drilling, and even boring operations on thick or thin workpieces.

  • MagVISE chucks quickly pay for themselves in time saved and increased production. We offer the most diverse and complete line of magnetic workholding you can find, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Let us show you how we can increase your productivity while saving you money.

Magnetic Lifting

  • Safe and secure magnetic lifting ensures materials move from point to point with ease and without risk of injury, damage to materials or time lost to set up and adjustment. Powerful Techniks magnetic lifting brand lines provide tremendous versatility, and are manufactured to meet the high standards you demand of everything on your shop floor.

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