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Job Shop Automation


ER Work

  • Built for simple machine tending

  • UR3 and UR5 can be mounted

  • Adapter system for UR10

  • Mobile between machine jobs

  • Docking station for precise machine tending

  • Different type of part trays available as option

  • The ER Work platform is compliant to ER+ Software

  • Hartinger connector for UR control can be mounted on the rear.

ProFeeder Light

  • Good for small series machine tending

  • Manual changeable part tray

  • Heavy duty leveling casters can be mounted

  • To improve safety, laser scanners can be added to all types of ProFeeders

  • ProFeeder Light can be moved easily with a pallet truck


  • The ProFeeder robot cell consists of 2 movers which act as pallet changers

  • The mover is lifted and locked in place to center X,Y, Z positions for pick and place

  • Manual changeable part tray

  • Good for small series machine tending

ProFeeder X

  • Supports heavy metal parts for CNC processes

  • Designed for longer-lasting production

  • Small series and various products keeping high accuracy

  • Placement for KTS boxes

  • Scalable tray systems and easy machine coupling

  • Batch and mass production

ProFeeder Q

  • The ProFeeder Q robot cell consists of 1 basic module, 1 movers with 4 flexible part trays

  • The solution makes it possible to run a fully automated 4-shift operation, depending on machining time

  • Suitable for larger series

ProFeeder Compaq

  • More space at your factory floor

  •  More trays, faster processes

  •  Mass production

  •  Adaptability of different parts

  •  Customized trays

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