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Mark X in house!

We now have our Markforged Mark X in house! If your interested in a demo or sample parts contact Humston Machinery. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS BUILD VOLUME 330 mm x 250 mm x 200 mm FOOTPRINT 575 mm x 467 mm x 928 mm 575 mm x 467 mm x 424 mm (without cabinet) PLASTIC MATERIALS Onyx FIBER MATERIALS Carbon Fiber Fiberglass Kevlar HSHT Fiberglass (High-Strength High-Temperature Fiberglass) INSPECTION PARAMETERS 50 micron beam diameter 1 micron Z resolution Z LAYER RESOLUTION 50 micron SOFTWARE FEATURES Single Sign-On Two-Factor Authentication Organization Admin Portal Early Access to New Features SOFTWARE DELIVERY SaaS deployment and storage Local Storage INCLUDED WITH PRINTER Mark X printer and cabinet along with access to cloud Eiger software 800cc Onyx spool 150cc Carbon Fiber 50cc Fiberglass 50cc Kevlar 50cc HSHT Fiberglass 1 TrueBed print bed Extra nozzles Onsite Markforged engineer training #Markforged #MarkX #HumstonMachinery #humstonmachinerymarkforged #humstonmachinery3dprinterdistributor #humstonmachineryindiana3dprinter #onyx #carbonfiber #3dprinter #3d #3dprinting #prototyping #Engineering #machineshop #instamachinist  

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