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ONA EDM Manifold configurations of X-Y-Z travels: X travel: 1500, 2000 or 3000 mm. / 59.0, 78.7 or 118.1 in. Y travel: 750, 1000 or 1500 mm. / 29.5, 39.4 or 59.0 in. Z travel: 650, 800 or 1000 mm. / 25.6, 31.5 or 39.4 in. One or two heads commanded by two independent CNC generators. This allows the possibility of eroding two cavities simultaneously and independently in a big workpiece. Highly rigid mechanical structure constructed of stabilized fine grained cast iron blended with graphite. Fixed bedframe machine that allows work pieces up to 25.000 kg. The large scale ONA QX Series, uses a modular design to allow many configurations. Each customer can configure, with a great flexibility, the machine that meets his exact requirements. This new series utilizes pre-built axes modules to drastically reduce machine assembly time. Each customer can get a custom system for the same price and lead time as a standard machine. #ONA #ONAEDM #HumstonMachinery #EDMDistributorIndiana #CNC #Sinker #EDM #humstonmachineryONA #edmsinkerdistributor #edmsinkerreseller #fanuc #charmilles #makino #sodick  

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