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Flex Arm & Flex Drill now available

FlexDrill is the perfect machine for fabricators, simple solution at an affordable price. Mill, Drill, Tap, Bevel, Countersink, and Formdrill large parts with only one setup on our FlexDrill CNC. With simple conversational programming, the gantry and column machines are built for machining \ parts that other milling and drilling machines don't have the capacity to handle. Column Machining Center X Axis: 10' up to 35' Y Axis: 2' Gantry Machining Center X Axis: 10' up to 30' Y Axis: 4' or 6' Looking for a Flex Arm Tapping Machine that will take care of prep work such as reaming, chamfering, and deburring. Tap up to 2" offline with a hydraulic system! Eliminate setup in the mill and reduce material handling. Save time and money by easily articulating a FlexArm tapping arm directly over the work piece. #FlexArm #FlexDrill #Tapping #CNC #CNCMachine #HumstonMachinery 

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