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FlexArm introduces FlexDrill

From the makers of the FlexArm, check out the all new the FlexDrill CNC. Designed specifically for fabrication and machining shops, FlexDrill is the largest, most affordable CNC machine on the market. Traditional machining centers are expensive, and constrain fabricators with small, enclosed beds. They are difficult to load and unload, and large pieces need to be repositioned multiple times for the spindle to access the full part. FlexDrills custom open beds can be sized anywhere from 10’-80’ long, perfect for machining tube or pipe. FlexDrill's machine bed sizes and machining capability is unmatched. We have over 600 FlexDrill CNCs in service worldwide and continue to innovate bigger and better products. 317-224-7484 #FlexDrill #CNC #Fabricator #Indiana #Distributor #HumstonMachinery  

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